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The Perfect Fit: What Parents Really Want in A School

In the US, school choice allows parents and families to choose the best possible education option for their young scholar. Whether that be a traditional brick-and-mortar public school or a religious private school, this choice allows for the flexibility and opportunity to pick and choose the school you want. Want to learn more about school choice? Check out this article! Because parents do have this important decision to decide which school would be best for their children, what do parents or potential families typically look for in a school before enrolling? How can schools and educational administrators capitalize on these influential factors? Let's take a closer look -

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Academic Excellence

This factor is typically near the top of the list for parents and families. Parents want their children to receive a quality education that will prepare them to either continue on their educational careers or enter into the workforce. With high academic excellence, expectations for strong academic reputation and performance, highly qualified teachers, and a rigorous curriculum are expected. Academic success can be measured differently for schools - every school is different! For example, if you are in an early college preparatory high school, parents may take into consideration the student’s performance or the percentage of graduates who continue on to college when they are selecting their school of choice. Take what your school offers and capitalize on those features! Make sure these accomplishments, awards, and recognitions are showcased throughout your school’s website, social media accounts, and throughout your school’s building (if you have one)!


Safety should be the number one priority for all students and educators. Does your school have action plans in the case of emergency situations? Do your students know what to do in these serious matters? Parents take the safety of their children very seriously - it is essential that the school’s emergency preparedness plan is in place and the availability of trained staff are capable of handling an emergency situation. Schools should be safe places for children to learn, grow, and develop into young and successful scholars. Although there is not one universal school safety plan, it is essential to have a plan in place that works for your school, students, and faculty. Check out this article to learn more about the foundational elements of school safety.

Extracurricular Activities

Does your school have any clubs, sports, arts, or other after-school activities? Parents strive to have well-rounded children that can develop new skills throughout sports, music, art, robotics, and other clubs. By providing a wide variety of extracurriculars to your student body allows students to explore their interests and develop skills such as leadership, collaboration, team work, self-confidence, and many more! If your school is online, you can still create spaces for students to connect, collaborate, and share interests!

Supportive Learning Environment

It is essential that a school provides a safe, supportive, and welcoming community to ALL students, parents, and educators. Students will not have the opportunity to learn if their safety and well-being are in question. Along with safety, it is imperative to support your students as they are navigating throughout their educational careers. Does your school have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying (this includes cyber bullying!)? Does your school have counseling services or mental health resources? Does your school have positive school culture and events to boost school spirit? These are all great questions to ask yourself about your school!

Marketing Strategies

Do you advertise your school accurately on social media and your school’s website? A school’s website is usually the first thing that parents take into consideration about a new school! Make your website something that truly represents your school and your mission/vision. Need help building a website that your staff, parents, and students love? Let us help!

Do you have a marketing plan in place that involves enrollment and school-wide goals? Having goals in place helps track progress and other achievements that your school is reaching. By having successful marketing strategies in place for showcasing your school, your school will be shared within your community and become the top school in your area!

Does your school have all of these qualities? Do you need help showcasing these features? Let one of Charter Connect’s Marketing Specialists help you out!

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