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Does your school have a voice to connect your community?

Parents, students, future employees and even search engines like Google want to hear your brand voice. Before your community can rally around your school, they first need to feel a connection. 

Podcasting is a simple, easy way to help parents and students feel like they are apart of a community. This is vital to growing student and faculty retention.

Reasons to build
connections via 

Does your school have a voice?

Imagine parents, students and faculty listening to your podcast while on their way to school? Sharing inspiring stories, important news and the latest achievements is a way to build community and expand the reach of your school's mission and vision.

  • Differentiate your school from the competition

  • Build your school's reputation

  • Increase in Google rankings

  • Connect with parents, students and faculty

  • Share mission and vision.

  • Increase retention and enrollment

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