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Students Enrolling with Nrollio for Charter Schools


Enrollment & Lottery Process for Charter Schools

Increase your enrollment and waitlists through quick follow-up

Track the success of marketing campaigns via Google Analytics

Customer Service that actually picks up the phone and is helpful

Collect documents and applications in a timely manner

On top of being incredibly effective, Nrollio is cost efficient

Nrollio is great for charter schools that like to save money while making money.

See what Nrollio can do for your enrollment!

Built for Charter Schools, By Charter Schools

  • We work hand-in-hand with charter school administrators to build a platform that they actually love to use.

  • We continually ask for and receive feedback from administrators who use our platform. 

  • Every charter school is different. We can custom build your dashboard to fit your school's individual needs.

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Simple for Parents, Students & Administrators

  • Our platform makes it easy for leads to fill out your enrollment interest form.

  • Administrators can review submissions, contact leads and export data with ease.

  • Our app is great no matter your size, the number of campuses you run, or even if your school is all online.

Automated Follow-Up to Turn Leads into Students

  • Student leads are like french fries, they are best when hot! Timely follow-up with leads will help you get students in your seats rather than the seats of your competition.

  • When a student or parent fills out an interest form, our automated system will automatically contact them to help them with the following steps.

  • You can spend time caring for your school rather than manually following up with leads! Let Nrollio do all the work.

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Why Your School Should Use Nrollio 

  • After not being able to find a satisfactory enrollment software, we decided to just make it ourselves!

  • Nrollio integrates with Google Analytics for better online advertising performance, search engine optimization (SEO) and data-tracking.

  • Nrollio will increase your lead to student ratio by making your enrollment process simpler, more automated and more professional.

  • Plus, our software is free to use saving your school a lot of money compared to other expensive enrollment apps. Get more for less!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nrollio integrate with my current student information system?

Nrollio can work hand-in-hand with any student information system and can even replace them saving you money. Nrollio can increase conversion rates for schools that use apps like:

  • Schoolmint

  • Powerschool

  • Aspire

  • etc. 

Is  Nrollio a service that meets my state's enrollment requirements?

Yes! Nrollio simply increases the chance of a lead turning into a student through automated follow-up (email, text messages, etc.).


Nrollio helps potential families through each step of the enrollment process. It can be custom built according to your school and state needs.

Is Nrollio easy to use?

Nrollio is so easy to use that you don't even have to lift a finger for it to grow your enrollment. Our custom, automated sales funnels, can do all the work.

Our platform was built with charter school administrators in mind which is why it is so intuitive to use. You'll be surprised by its minimalistic, yet powerful features.

Does Nrollio integrate with my current website?

Yes! Nrollio was buit to work with every website platform. No matter your website, we guarantee that Nrollio will increase your conversion rate and fill your waitlists.

  • Wordpress

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Edlio

  • Custom Websites

  • etc.

What are you waiting for?

Schedule a free demo to immediately boost your enrollment now.

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