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Social Media Management

Is Your School Following Social Media Best Practices?

How is your content calendar looking? Are parents and students actually engaging with your content? Are your accounts protected from hackers and lock outs?

These are questions that can be answered by following social media best practices. Our team can remove that stress off your plate so that you can focus on furthering the education of your students.

Reasons for 
Following Best Practices on
Social Media

Is your school growing its following while remaining protected from hackers?

Having social media accounts without following best practices and current guidelines can actually hurt your school's brand. Poor quality posting at the wrong time can leave your brand unseen. Unorganized management of access to your accounts can leave your school open to lock outs and hackers. Here is why our team at Charter Connect can be a seamless solution for your school:

  • We protect your account's login information and create backup admins to avoid lock outs.

  • We use AI technology to produce quality content.

  • Real-time analytics indicate when and where to publish powerful messaging.

  • You can rest assured that you have added protection against hackers that can damage your school's brand.

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