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Website Development & Design

How Can A Better Site Improve Enrollment?

Information Technology

Your website is often a parent's first impression of your charter school. By building a website that your staff, parents and students love, you can save a lot headache. Also, your online presence and Google ranking depends on your website's speed and design. Make your website something that truly represents your mission and vision.

Reasons for a
High-Converting Website

What does your current website say about your school?

A high-converting website is essential for a charter school to grow and expand. If enrollment is down, your website might very well be the reason. You can't win a marathon in sandals, or the Indy 500 in a 1997 Honda Civic. A new and improved website will help in the following ways:

  • High conversion-rate amongst website visitors.

  • Better online reputation.

  • Easier for parents, students and staff to use.

  • Higher ranking on Google & other search engines.

  • Faster loading speed.

  • Mobile-friendly user interface (most internet searches happen on cell phones).

  • More enrollments!

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