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Conversion Rate Optimization


How easy is it for families and staff to navigate your website?

How many new students is your school losing because your website is hard to navigate? Do you know what users are doing when they land on your website? 

By understanding your users journey, you can remove pain points and increase the effectiveness of your website. We use innovative tools to records website visits and compile data to improve the conversion rate of your school's website.

User experience
is your school's first impression

Understand your web traffic.

Thousands of people visit your website, but what are they doing? Every charter school should know how their users are experiencing and utilizing their website. Without this data, you cannot improve the design of your website to accomplish its main objectives.

  • Heatmapping

  • Session recording

  • Data & conversion tracking

  • Pain point identification

  • UX/UI design to improve conversion rates.

  • Build a better website for your families and staff.

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