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Students Are In the Door: What Now?

Congratulations, you are well into the school year. The perilous period of enrollment is far behind, and the fantastic future of the scholastic year lies ahead. Students are making connections with their peers and instructors, and you are watching the hard work you invested into your marketing pay off. So what now? What do you do until the next enrollment period? While it may seem a good time to put marketing on the back burner, now is the time to truly showcase what your school does best. Here are three key focuses for your school year’s marketing that will lay the groundwork for the next enrollment period.

Boosting Charter School Enrollment
School Hallway

Highlighting Educational Excellence

Blog and social media posts throughout the school year can consistently emphasize your commitment to educational excellence. Showcase student achievements, successful alumni stories, and outstanding faculty members. Demonstrate how your unique curriculum and teaching methods foster critical thinking, creativity, and a love for learning. Include keywords that are unique to what your school offers to increase Search Engine Optimization and allow families that would thrive at your school the opportunity to find you!

Community Engagement

How do you make your school come alive off screen? What can you do to actively engage the community outside of social media? Hosting events, workshops, and open houses that involve parents, local businesses, and community leaders can facilitate lasting relationships and create organic content to continue the conversation online. In addition, it allows you to maintain the relationships you have already created. Regularly communicating with stakeholders about the school's initiatives, achievements, and contributions to the community allows you to maintain what you have already built while continuing to grow your reach.

Staff Professional Development

Throughout the school year, you are actively investing in your staff to maintain the high

quality education your school offers. Your blog and social media posts can serve as the platform to not only attract students, but educators as well. Highlighting the success stories of your teachers can serve the dual purpose of attracting future staff and students alike. Use the school year as an opportunity to showcase your strength as an employer for all future needs you may find for staffing.


While your enrollment period is undoubtedly important, there is much to be gained in continuing your marketing efforts for the duration of the year. By consistently communicating your value and impact year-round, you can lay the foundation for your next enrollment period while continuing to grow your reach in the community. Overwhelmed with the potential? Does the opportunity sound great, but you find it hard to imagine juggling it all? That’s where we step in. Let Charter Connect help with your marketing and allow you to focus on what you do best.

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