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Why Charter Connect?

Our mission is to build the best enrollment process ever for charter schools.

Our "Why"

Running a charter school is hard. We make it a little easier.

We connect leaders to game-changing insights and data-driven processes that turn enrollment into a consistent flow of funding to build better education.

Our "How"

We fill classrooms with students, so that you can fill them with love.

We elevate lives through well-funded education via data-driven marketing.

What Makes Charter Connect Different?

1) Experience with Charter Schools

No other team of marketers has walked as many halls, met as many administrators or has as much experience marketing charter schools as our team of enrollment experts. We have spent millions of dollars A/B testing for schools nationwide. By working with our team, you have immediate access to our expertise. We know what works. You will make money while saving money.

2) Transparent Data Tracking

We account for every penny spent on marketing your charter school. You will have 100% ownership of your marketing data at all times to transparently track our progress and success throughout every enrollment campaign. A better understanding of our marketing efforts will make for easier board meetings and better decision making.

3) Smooth Enrollment Process

All of our clients have free access to our enrollment/lottery program Nrollio™. This platform will increase your website's conversion rate while removing the stress of your registrar and enrollment team by automating emails and text messages that seamlessly push applicants through the steps of your enrollment process. Your team will thank you!

4) Constant Communication

You will receive a monthly success report, 1-on-1 meetings, email and phone updates after each task, newsletters with key insights and videos summarizing what we are doing as a team to boost your enrollment. We make sure that you are in the know of everything that we are doing to boost your school's enrollment. The schools that we work with are more than just a number.

How We Started...

In 2017, Dallan was introduced to the world of charter schools while working for a previous marketing agency when one of his clients was in fact a charter school. Fascinated by the professionalism of their program, he began to learn more about their faculty, facility and goals. He saw the good that could come from a charter school, especially one that was well funded. 

Quickly, he discovered how successful his marketing techniques were when his client saw their waitlist grow while only spending a fraction of their marketing budget.

8A3A2494 1.jpg

In 2021, Dallan decided to fully dedicate his marketing skills to the world of charter schools. To do so, he brought on his fighter pilot twin brother Shawn Wortham and an expert team of Google certified marketers to empower charter schools via data-driven marketing techniques. Together, they made Charter Connect to help grow charter schools the right way.

Today, we are proud of our growing team of expert digital marketers who focus 100% on growing charter schools nationwide. We hope to assist you in growing your school's enrollment!

4 Day Work Week

We love boosting enrollment for charter schools nation-wide! Helping charter schools is one of our favorite things to do, but we always put our mission first. The "why" behind Charter Connect is to provide freedom to pursue a balanced life for team members and schools.

The pursuit of freedom is our north star that we use to guide company-wide decisions and policies. This is why we have instituted a four day work week. We believe that this decision is a way of putting our team members and clients first.  Our team members can find balance and joy in their personal lives which leads to better service and results for our schools.

Meet The Team


Dallan Wortham


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Shawn Wortham


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Katie Yingling

Client Success Manager


Mario Gonzalez

Enrollment Expert


Laura Mitch

Enrollment Expert


Kylee Pearson

Enrollment Expert


Herberth Arriola

Lead Developer


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