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Free, Expert Marketing Tips Presented at Your Next Board Meeting or Conference

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Free Marketing Insights to Grow Your Charter School

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Why Invite Charter Connect to Speak at Your Next Conference?

We're glad you asked! Enrollment is always an important (and sometimes stressful) aspect to running a charter school. 

If your school or district could use a bump in enrollments, you should invite one of our marketing experts to present at your next meeting or conference. 

Our team unravels what trends we are seeing across hundreds of different charter schools to deliver our findings in a brief 15 minute presentation followed by a customized Q&A session to solve problems unique to your school or district.

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You Might Want Charter Connect to Speak at Your Conference if....

Our Keynote Speakers

Each one of our talented marketing experts is excited to meet with you and your administrators to shed light on how to conquer this year's enrollment!

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