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Are Google & Facebook Ads profitable?

Google & Facebook Ads are our favorite tools in growing charter schools. They turn out to be incredibly profitable while also building your school's online presence and reputation. If you're not running ads, you are literally losing students to your competition.

Why Google & Facebook Ads?

Invest $1, get $10 back!

With the amount of funding that the government grants to charter schools per new student, Google and Facebook Ads are a no-brainer. We have grown schools all over the country using these powerful platforms. Here are some reasons you should consider:

  • Google & Facebook Ads are easy to track (no more guessing).

  • You can target parents and students based on age, location, interests, etc.

  • You can build your online reputation while finding new students.

  • Campaigns can be built around any budget.

  • Increased brand awareness.

  • Beat out local competition.

  • Super profitable (impress your board members).

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