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The Charter School Connection Podcast

Welcome to the podcast that interviews leaders in the world of charter schools to help share knowledge, experience and insights that can help further the success of schools everywhere! Please enjoy!

Would you like to be a guest on our podcast? Reach out our team to learn more!

ASU Prep Digital is a thriving charter school that pursues core principals like curiosity and innovation. Allison shares the importance of including students, parents and staff in developing and growing.


David explains how to hire the right teachers and staff along with why the charter school world is an exciting place to be as an educator who wants to make a difference.


A fascinating story about how their hybrid program has shaped the lives of students in Oklahoma.


As an independent-study charter school, Excel Academy allows for parents and students to become active participants in their personalized learning model.


Emre Ozturk from Dove Virtual Academy shares insights into how to create connection while teaching students online.

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We discuss important topics like the power of language, anti-racism, community and unapologetically being who you are.


Students must feel connected on a deeper level for learning to take place. He gives unique and fun examples of activities from when he was a History Teacher and now as a Principal. 

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After learning the benefits of charter schools, she has taken on the huge challenge of growing a charter school for a community that needed a better form of education.


Stories about servicing a community that is often forgotten about. They take students with a troubled background and turn them into whole new people with a future.


Trinity Charter School doesn't give up on students that everyone has given up on. It was amazing to chat with them.

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Renée Edwards & Rabecca Cisneros shed light on how they are creating a unique early-college high school in West Jordan, UT.


Character above all else, the importance of educators in leadership, and her secret to building relationships with parents & students.

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