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Episode #4

Emre Ozturk

Dove Virtual Academy

Creating Connection in a Virtual School, Safety First Approach to Learning, How to Protect Children While Using Technology & Unique Extracurricular Activities

Episode #4 Recap

In this episode, Dallan Wortham from Charter Connect meets with Principal Emre Ozturk to learn more about how Dove Virtual Academy engages with students, parents and teachers. He gives insights into how they help motivate students through virtual and physical events and activities such as tutoring, service activities and parent committees. He explains the importance of making a student feel safe and the tools that they use to teach personal responsibility with technology and the internet.

In contrary to popular belief, virtual schools can be quite "physical." He mentions all of the fun and interactive extracurricular activities that make Dove Virtual Academy unique! He emphasizes that charter schools are another great option for students in need of a different approach to learning. Enjoy this episode with Principal Oz!

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