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Episode #23

Academies of Math & Science

Erik Greenberg & Nate Lowry

Decision-Making, Failing Quickly & Honoring the Role of Teachers

Episode #23 Recap

In this interview, Jared Bertoldo from Charter Connect spoke with Eric Greendberg who is the CEO and Nate Lowry who is the Chief Academic Officer. Their school has an incredible origin story being started in Tucson by an immigrant woman from Uzbekistan, about 20 years ago. Their original building is still there!

Eric has been with this school for almost 5 years, and he was inspired to aid in education by a teacher he had growing up. He is passionate and believes honor in your work paired with the ability to make decisions quickly is key to success. He says to not be afraid to fail quickly, the sooner you make mistakes the sooner you learn. He also wants there to be a renewed emphasis and prominence on teachers and the roles that educators play in our society. Hold that position in higher regard in our community as we do doctors and such.

Nate has been a part of AMS for 1 year. His mother was a teacher and so he has a high appreciation for the work teachers do. He believes good communication with parents and being surrounded by capable team members is important for schools. Nate also upholds the similar view we have to emphasize the WHY over the what and how. His dream is to have every one of their campuses A rated in Arizona. Nate also upholds Eric's view that we need to support and emphasize the positions of teachers. Self care and life balance are important to have happy and healthy educators as a part of your school.

Enjoy this insightful conversation with Academies of Math & Science.

Show Notes

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