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What Parents Look for When Selecting a School

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Selecting a school for your child is a huge decision as a parent, and there are many factors to consider. You want your child to be cared for and thrive at school, as well as be challenged academically. Here are some of the key considerations parents take when choosing a school to send their children to.

The Curriculum

While the subject matter at schools is all the same, the way they approach teaching can vary. Some schools have a more traditional approach to teaching, while others are more progressive. Regardless, parents should be looking at what the school values academically and what they focus on, in order to make a decision that will be right for their child. Some schools heavily focus on STEM programs, while others may focus on arts. These are important differences to take into consideration, depending on the family and the child.

The Culture

First of all, the opinions of parents with children currently at a school can be a big influence on the decision making process. People are very likely to trust word of mouth recommendations, rather than solely online reviews. Parents want to send their children to a school where they feel comfortable and that their whole family is valued and known within the school. Children should feel cared for by school staff and look forward to going to school every day.

The Extracurricular Activities

For some families, sports programs are a very important part of choosing a school. In contrast, other families value arts enrichment. If these programs are of interest to your child, the decision of which school you send them to might help set them up for the future. Many charter schools offer specialized tracks for athletes or artists. This exposure can not only provide opportunities in the future for students, but also can teach them skills outside of the classroom, such as teamwork and sportsmanship. These programs can also shape a child by giving them more socialization opportunities, beside their time in the classroom each day.

The Cost

Cost is a big consideration that should come into play when it comes to parents choosing a school for their children. While it is not the most important factor, it does bring up the decision of private versus public schooling. Another option is charter schools, which have the feeling of a private education but are tuition free. Among private, public, and charter schools the education is excellent, but each has its own benefit. Some parents choose a private school because it might offer a religious component to the education. Others might choose a public or charter school to avoid paying tuition. Regardless, when choosing a school, parents should take into consideration their financial contribution to their child’s education. A private school education can make it difficult years later to afford college, so that could be a factor in choosing public. This is a large benefit of charter schools, because they can provide a lot of the same programs as private schools for no cost to the family.

Overall, the decision to choose a school for your children has many different facets to it. It will differ from family to family, but what they all have in common is the desire to provide their children with the best education and tools to succeed for the rest of their life.

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