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Increasing Charter School Enrollment Through Social Media

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Simply Smart Suggestions | Volume 2

The Monthly Newsletter from Charter Connect

I. Lessons from Social Media World 2022

This past month, Charter Connect Sales Director Dallan Wortham attended Social Media World 2022 to gain insight about social media best practices and how they can be integrated with charter school marketing plans.

From Facebook to Tik Tok and Youtube to NFT's, Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, California was full of insights from the world's top marketing gurus and professionals. Three days of interactive classes, networking and Q&A's has refreshed our perspective on how charter schools can enhance their digital marketing through social media.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

- In a year from now, what would you have wished that you started doing now? In five years?

- Is your school on every social media platform that today has to offer?

- Does your social media content sing your song?

- How many enrollments a year does your school receive via social media?

II. Social Media and Charter Schools

Launching social media platforms for your charter school is easier said than done. With so many networks to keep track of, social media management can become overwhelming before you know it.

With so many people spending time on social media, embracing current trends is a no-brainer. If you want to feed bread to the ducks, then you have to go to the lake - with social media, you can bring your school to potential parents' fingertips through a variety of different platforms.

Charter Connect consistently invests in our team's education to ensure that are quick on our feet to adapt to the ever-changing world of marketing.

Learn more about what the future has in store for social media marketing by reaching out to Charter Connect's marketing experts.

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