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How to Grow Your Social Media with a Content Calendar

Do you have a favorite account on social media that always seems to post on the same day? Do you look forward to seeing new content consistently? These creators most likely use a content calendar! Content creation is an effective marketing strategy that can help structure and organize a plan for posting or publishing new content! The content does not have to be used just for social media; examples of other content may include blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, videos, infographics and so much more! However, it can be challenging to keep up with what needs to be posted and at what time, so let’s take a closer look at what exactly a content calendar can help you with.

1. Why You Should Use a Content Calendar

Think of your typical pen and paper or digital calendar. Now, instead of planning kids’ soccer games or what meals will be made for dinner, a content calendar is a planning schedule for “when and where you plan to publish upcoming content.” This marketing strategy is essential in staying organized, planning ahead, and being consistent with what is being published or posted. The content being posted can vary depending on what you are trying to promote; examples of content include: events, blog posts, social media graphics or videos, or new podcast episodes! Within your content calendar, you may consider incorporating the date/time of your post, the social media account or website to be posted to, and what message you want to get across the screen!

2. How Do You Use a Content Calendar?

Reflect on what you see on your favorite social media pages. Do you see a “theme” with all of the posts or see new updates every Tuesday? Consistent content is “one of the best ways to increase organic traffic” otherwise seen as more clicks and interaction with your posts! Whether you are using a physical calendar or digital calendar, plan out what content you will be posting and when. Take an example of content that might be promoted for a school website. The creator might consider posting a faculty spotlight every Monday, a photo of what the students are up to every week, and maybe a promotional video for enrollment every month!

3. Benefits of Using a Content Calendar

Is it easy to forget what tasks need to be completed without having a plan or checklist? Staying organized is one of the most essential skills to have when it comes to content creation and promoting your brand. A few fundamentals when it comes to organizing your content calendar is to sort out the type of content you think will most benefit your school and create smaller tasks. It can be intimidating to picture your end goal without smaller, more tangible tasks! Set some goals you would like to accomplish and tackle it one task and one post at a time. Collaborate with other team members, teachers, administrators, or allow for a cloud-based content calendar, to really focus on what content would promote your school in the best possible way!

4. How Far in Advance Do I Need to Plan Ahead?

There is no right answer for this question. This really depends on the content you want to be posting and what marketing goals you have in mind. Some schools are very consistent with updating events, publishing blog posts, or posting interviews with faculty on a weekly basis. Other schools may have monthly or yearly milestones! Collaboration plays a significant role in this question as you need to consider what your school, as a whole, wants to achieve! If you schedule and plan your marketing strategy out in advance, the more you can account for variety in content and ensure you are not posting about the same topic! Viewers are attracted to variety. If your viewer sees the same style of content over and over again, your viewers are more likely to swipe to the next page!

5. Why Would This Tool Be Useful for School Administrators?

Content calendars do not need to be complicated. There are many tools that can help structure and plan out your calendar. Here are some examples of useful tools (both paid and free examples):

Feedback from other team members or faculty will be key in ensuring that you are promoting your school and seeking ways to improve your content! The most important note to take into consideration is to place yourself in the mind of your ideal parent and student. What would you like to see on a school website or social media account? What school events or other content would you like to see? Use these guiding questions to help you decide on what to publish or post and implement that into a structured plan!


By implementing a content calendar, or social media calendar, into your marketing mindset, your content will be more organized and provide valuable insight into what you promote for your school. Potential families love seeing what goes on inside the school doors and this is a perfect opportunity for your school to stand out from others! There is already so much that goes into running a school, but by taking this step you can stress less about organizing your marketing strategy.

If you have questions or comments about social media calendars, content calendars, or content creation, feel free to reach out to any of our team members here at Charter Connect to better set you up for success!

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