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Charter School Administrators Build New Enrollment Software

Every charter school wants to fill their classrooms. Every administrator would love to have huge waitlists, an upgraded facility, better learning technology for students, closer relationships with parents, a faithful teaching staff, and a healthy future that provides security to all involved.

All schools would like that–who wouldn’t?

What if those things could be accomplished by taking a small step in improving enrollment and funding year after year?

Let’s dive in.

Spaghetti Against the Wall

Have you ever thrown a plate of spaghetti against the wall? If not, let me tell you about the mess that it makes. Without diving into the details, I know from personal experience that most of the noodles fall wasted on the floor, but the mess reaches the entire room after an explosive impact.

Unfortunately, many charter schools suffer from poor enrollment because a similar “spaghetti against the wall” approach is used towards enrollment. It is common to fall into the trap of spending a lot of money to send traffic to the website via advertisements in hopes that the increased website traffic will turn into students. This process often leaves administrators disappointed with crossed fingers.

Turn Website Traffic into Leads and Leads into Students

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

The good news is that a simple pivot can make a huge change to your school. The possibilities of increased enrollment can snowball into taking your school to the next level.

What if there was a way for your school to turn your website traffic into leads that are easy to track? And what if these leads flowed through an automated enrollment system that didn’t require your office staff to lift a finger?

Could you imagine showing up to the first day of school having smashed your enrollment goals?

If you're looking for a better or easier enrollment process, you should try… Nrollio!

nrollio - enrollment software for charter schools

Nrollio is an enrollment lead generation software that was built for charter schools, by charter school administrators. We literally worked hand-in-hand with charter schools nationwide to build a platform that charter schools love and most importantly afford.

Automated Enrollment for Charter Schools

Whether your school is big or small, online or in-person, reaching out to potential students and parents can be a hassle. Filling out endless paperwork, having parents and students turn in documents in a timely manner and the time-consuming process of reaching out to move families through the enrollment process is exhausting. Not to mention, it can be frustratingly fruitless.

With Nrollio, potential students and parents can move through the entire enrollment process without having to be spoon-fed by your staff. Nrollio will send potential families emails and text messages to instruct them on the next enrollment step. If they get stuck, Nrollio will automatically follow up for you to get them moving towards full enrollment.

Integrates with Every Student Information System & Every State

Each charter school is different. Each state requires different application requirements.

Nrollio can either replace or support every state enrollment process and every student information system. Whether your school uses Schoolmint, Powerschool, Google forms or another enrollment management system, Nrollio can help track and transform website traffic into fully enrolled students.

Nrollio is the first and only enrollment generation application built specifically for charter schools. As previously stated, we work hand-in-hand with charter school administrators to design an app that is easy to use and exactly what they need to get students through the enrollment process.

We consciously designed Nrollio to seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics and the most common website platforms.

Ready for a Test Drive?

Schedule your free Nrollio demo today. We are confident that it can take your school to the next level and make enrollment issues a thing of the past.

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