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Can You Justify Your Marketing Budget?

You're sitting around the conference table for another monthly board meeting. You honestly did your best to allocate your marketing budget that would boost your school's enrollment and brand awareness in the community...

And now you have to report on the success of your marketing efforts. Justifying next year's marketing budget is riding on this meeting. To gain the confidence of the board, you must prove that your marketing efforts were effective.

One of your board members asks the question, "What was the return on our marketing investment?

Do you have an answer?

charter school board meeting about marketing

No More Vague Guestimations

It is now possible to know, down to the penny, the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. After running advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook, you can know which ad lead a new family to apply and how much you had to spend for each new student.

This is essential for knowing whether your advertising efforts are growing your school or burning through your precious marketing budget.

For example, you might be spending $1,000 a month of Facebook advertising. With charter school budgets being tight, your board might want to reallocate this expenditure to something else... but what if you could prove with solid data that you received six new students from the $1,000 spent on Facebook?

$1,000 divided by six students = $167 per new student.

If your school receives $10,000 for each new student, you just spent $1,000 for $60,000 in funding! Talk about an incredible investment in your school. Plus, that doesn't include all of the brand recognition that your schools receives from the online advertisements.

How to Know Your Cost Per Student

Simply use Nrollio. Nrollio is an enrollment platform that tracks and attributes new enrollments to the source. In other words, Nrollio will give your Facebook ad the credit for the new enrollment if the applicant came from your Facebook ad, or Google if they came from your Google ad.

This is a feature that no other enrollment platform offers. Platforms like Skyward, Powerschool, Schoolmint, Infinite Campus and other enrollment systems do not offer these key insights, leaving you in the dark as to the effectiveness of your advertising.

If you're ready to bring answers to your next board meeting, schedule a demo to learn more more about how your school can use Nrollio for Free!

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