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6 Tips for a Financial Boost in Your School’s Marketing Plan

Looking for new strategies to implement into your marketing plan? Have big marketing goals, but limited by a tight budget? The new way to marketing is digital marketing - a more streamlined way to promote your school or business! By reaching a more targeted audience, track how campaigns are performing, and measure success in real-time, you can sit back, relax, and spend more time focusing on students, parents, and faculty!

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The What and Why of Digital Marketing

What: The majority of people are constantly searching the web or scrolling through social media - including you right now! Digital marketing is a form of online marketing that connects an ideal audience with a solution to their problems. I know the first place I go when I have a question is a search engine. By providing answers to people’s questions in an effective way, your marketing strategies are working! Digital marketing can be immersed throughout search engines, social media, blog posts (like this one!) and any other form of content as a way to connect and communicate with their ideal audience. For more information about defining digital marketing, check out this video:

Why: What is the purpose of digital marketing? This answer could vary from school to school, but the ultimate goal is to target a larger audience (parents, friends, family members) that is more likely to engage with your service in an effective manner! Digital marketing takes traditional ways of selling (print, broadcasting, mail, conferences, telemarketing, and many other ways) and puts an innovative, more effective spin on it. Yes, traditional marketing strategies can still work for certain businesses, but digital marketing allows for more insight on your marketing strategies in a more advanced, complex way. Let’s get into some tips on how digital marketing can help you financially -

1. Increase in Engagement

Digital marketing and advertising helps promote your school online by creating a virtual community where everyone visits! By reaching out to a larger audience, the chances are higher of reaching out to the right people, providing answers to people’s problems, creating more connections, and engaging with others in your community!

2. Financial Boost

Digital marketing offers a great return on investment compared to traditional marketing strategies - less money spent advertising, more people seeing what your school offers, more enrollments at your charter school, the more profits for you!

3. Better Customer/Parent Interactions

You are building a community. A community of potential parents and students that are all interested in your school. By utilizing social media or online platforms to your advantage and having enhanced communication with your ideal customer, the more likely you are to fill up your classrooms!

4. Improved Brand/School Awareness

Think of your social media feeds and what companies you see the most while you are scrolling. By sharing your content, your product, or services, people share, send, and pass along content to their friends and followers! The more your content and school brand is getting noticed and shared, the better!

5. Tracking Performance

The one thing that traditional marketing strategies cannot do is track how effectively they are working. With everything digital, the ability to track, analyze, and compare over time, the evaluation of success of your marketing efforts can be measured and adjusted as necessary.

6. Competitive Edge

Competition is one of the hardest challenges to overcome in marketing and advertising. You want your school to be at the top of a search engine results page or show up first on a social media feed. Digital marketing allows you to revamp your strategies when you are competing with other, or maybe better, schools! By implementing and executing effective digital marketing strategies, your school will become #1!

If you would like to chat more about digital marketing and how it can financially benefit your school’s marketing plans, feel free to reach out to any team member at Charter Connect or set up a free consultation!

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