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Print vs. Digital Marketing: Building the Best Approach for Your Business

Simply Smart Suggestions | Volume 5

The Monthly Newsletter from Charter Connect

Digital is taking over, but the days of print campaigns are far from over. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of digital vs. print campaigns for your business.

I. Digital Campaigns

With the widespread use of the internet, digital marketing is a no-brainer. Digital campaigns can be set up or changed quickly and at a smaller cost compared to print campaigns. Online platforms such as Google Analytics can monitor your budget on a daily basis to make sure you only spend a desired amount of money on ads and not a single penny more. With the right tools and knowledge, you can track granular data about your ad campaign and really hone in on an optimized strategy using Google Analytics. Google Analytics can get pretty in the weeds, but your friends at Charter Connect will break down that data for you in a clear and digestible format on a monthly basis.

II. Print campaigns

It seems like nowadays technology is deeply integrated into (almost) every aspect of our lives. While you might think that print ads aren’t as popular or effective anymore, digital media also has some cons that just don’t happen with print media. For example, people are exposed to so many ads on a daily basis that there might not be as much engagement or information recall as traditional advertising would. Think about how many ads you’re exposed to when scrolling through Facebook, Google, or any other website - it’s a LOT (4,000-10,000 according to this study), and odds are, you might glance at an ad for less than a second before moving to a new page or scrolling.

Print media has been and still continues to be an effective marketing tool. Over the past few years, there’s been several studies that have shown print media can be just as if not more effective than digital media because people tend to recall more information from print. Print ads allow people to hold on to an ad and save it to review later or pin on their fridges.

Deploying a print campaign when you have a strong digital strategy in place can also allow you to track data with your print campaigns, which can help optimize your budget spending and target audience.

III. Finding the Right Approach for Your Business

What we’ve learned so far is that print and digital media really can work hand in hand, but only if you have a strong digital presence first and foremost. The pros of both strategies can work hand-in-hand to promote your services and increase brand awareness.

With a professional marketing partner like Charter Connect, optimizing your digital marketing strategy and building a strong digital presence is effortless. Reach out to one of our team members today to learn more about how we can optimize your online presence and prepare you for an effective and efficient marketing plan.


Sources from this article are linked within the text.

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